Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uh oh.

There is a loud and ugly sound in my house tonight. It's the painful sound of Ben coughing. Among Ben's challenges is that he is highly allergic to pets. He just spent 24 hours at Grandma's house, (note that every family member we have has a dog) and now his skin is all broken out and he has a hacking cough. Poor little guy seems miserable. His coughing and subsequent screaming are very suggestive to me of yet another possible round of pneumonia. We are scheduled to go visit the other set of grandparents tomorrow, and I can feel my anxiety level starting to rise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he starts feeling better by morning. Every parent knows how hard it is to watch when a child is sick. With little Ben, this is pretty much the norm.

Fortunately, I attended a seminar today: The Psychology of Happiness. I learned some valuable tips for cultivating optimism amidst the most challenging of circumstances. I'm planning to put those to good use tonight. Those tips along with a vodka-tonic... Wish me luck.

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