Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy morning...

It's Sunday morning. Our week with Grandma and Grandpa is over, and everyone had a wonderful time. While Ben did suffer some from his dog allergy, his medications were helpful to him, and he powered through like the little trooper he is.

I learned this week that Ben loves to play in water. He had his first chance to play in a sprinkler and a splash pool with other children. Ben has always disliked bathtime, so I was very surprised to find him happily splashing in the water! How nice to watch Ben enjoying the same activity as all the other children.

For me, "staying in the moment" continues to be the best defense against stress and worries about Ben's health. It's amazing, really. It requires practice, but the payoff is so worth it. I would love to expand on my experiences with mindfulness meditation, but at this very moment, Sarah is determined to bring my attention to giving her doll a makeover. This sounds important....there is lipstick involved.... yes, I'd better take a look!

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