Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A note about big sister, Sarah

As this blog is about our family's journey with raising our son, Ben, I want to be certain to document one huge contributor to our success... our beautiful daughter, Sarah. At just 3 years old, there is no doubt that Sarah is wise beyond her years. She is so loving and kind to her brother, and for the most part, this just seems to come naturally to her. In spite of all the extra time and attention that Ben requires from my husband and myself, Sarah never responds with jealousy. She is starting to notice that other friends of ours, who are the same age as Ben, are able to walk, run, jump, and talk... and yet, Ben can not. I have explained this by telling her that Ben's muscles are weak, and that it is very hard for him to learn the things that other babies are learning. Sarah often responds by saying, "Well, there is no better baby in the world than our Benny."

Today, I watched while Ben was rolling on the floor, struggling to reach a toy he wanted. Sarah was playing alone across the room. I didn't say anything, I was just watching. Ben wasn't crying or anything, but it was clear he was starting to get frustrated. All of a sudden, Sarah walked over to where he was, and said, "Here's your toy, Ben. I know things are hard for you, but I will help you."

How could a mommy ask for anything more?

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