Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hard to hear

I'm with Ben everyday, so I know that he is not progressing very quickly. If I look back six months, I can see that he's learned some new skills since then, but he is still so far away from gaining much independence.

Yesterday, his physical therapist explained to me that in fact, Ben is not responding to therapy as well as they had hoped. Even though I already knew this, somehow when I heard it from her, I felt like I'd swallowed a brick. I suddenly felt very heavy. She explained that she believes Ben's strength is improving, but his involuntary muscle movements seem to be interfering with him achieving his goals. I had to fight back my tears.

His therapist went on to tell me of another boy she has worked with who reminds her very much of Ben. Like Ben, this other boy has never received a diagnosis that explains his delays. She explained that this boy is now two and a half, and can crawl and pull himself up on furniture. That gave me some hope, I suppose. She finally added that she feels Ben's happy and motivated personality will help him a lot. OK, I thought... I'll hang onto that for now.

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