Thursday, June 18, 2009

A great message.

This morning, my husband found me in the living room around 6:30am. I was standing and holding Ben while watching TV and sobbing. I was watching a recorded Oprah show about miracle babies. Included in the show was a particular YouTube video (Link included below) about a father's tribute to his son. This little baby was born with a genetic disorder that was "incompatible with life" and although he only lived 99 days, his parents cherished every moment.

These parents are such a great example of living for in the moment...approaching life with a thankful heart instead of asking "why me?" For me, this was a great way to start my morning. My head and heart are better focused, and I'm so thankful to these brave parents for sharing their love of their son with the world.

To see the video on Oprah's site:

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