Sunday, June 7, 2009

A happy summer weekend

This was one of those uneventful but pleasant weekends of summer. Ben is healthy and happy right now, so we could just relax and feel like a normal family of four! We did the usual - yard work, laundry, grocery shopping. On Saturday afternoon, I took Sarah to her friend's birthday party, and loved watching her socialize with her tiny preschool pals. On Sunday, we tried to BBQ in a thunderstorm, and enjoyed spending some time with friends. (It turns out that rain water adds a pleasant zing to the ordinary grilled burger!) Ben and Sarah loved having our friends as a captive audience, and they laughed and giggled all day.

Ben has now made it FIVE days without vomiting. I'm calling this vomit-watch 2009. With each passing day that he goes without throwing up, he seems stronger and happier. I'm hoping that his body will finally have a chance to get better nourishment, which will in turn allow him to maybe gain some muscle strength.

Not much else to say for today. It feels so wonderful when we can just relax into the normal rhythms of daily life without worrying about Ben's breathing treatments or medications or doctors appointments. When we have days like these, Ben's delays and struggles seem to fade away a bit, and life feels so much lighter.

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