Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A small victory!!

I can not believe it. Ben made it through this ENTIRE day without throwing up at all. I honestly can not remember the last time I could say that. Yesterday, Ben's nutritionist had explained an article she read about children whose stomachs are unable to expand properly while a meal is being eaten. She suggested reducing the volume of meals, and trying to feed him more often. Although I felt we were already feeding him small but frequent meals, I tried to go a step further with that today, and... no vomiting!! Hooray for Benjamin! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Ben was such a happy boy today, and he even had his first trip to Incredible Pizza with his sister, grandparents, and me. I was so excited to see him take his first ride on the carousel. He held on perfectly, and was so proud of himself. He loved watching Sarah run around and giggled right along with her all afternoon. What a great day. No doctors appointments. No illness. Ben was able to just be a happy little boy and spend a fun day with his family. What a rare, but much appreciated, break for us.

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  1. Yeah for a good day, Ben!! Kim, your blog is great as I read it with teary eyes, I just don't know how I would handle all that you are going through. You are a wonderful person and a fantastic MOM. Love you guys bunches and we are always here if you need a break.