Thursday, May 28, 2009

The morning puker

After downing his 6oz bottle this morning, my little squirmer-boy coughed three times and threw up all over. After so many months of practice, I am usually able to aim him so that the warm gush lands on the floor instead of my pants. Today my aim was perfect! We have also developed a smooth system for clean-up, with stacks of towels always on hand. We are still investigating whethor Ben's vomitting is due to acid reflux or some other medical issue. His medications don't seem to have any effect on him. After today's episode, he went on to have a happy morning. Sometimes, he gets very upset and needs a nap in order to recover. Living with this situation is like caring for a child with chronic, un-ending stomach flu. He's thrown-up in the car, in restaurants, in Target..... Let me be clear, this is not "spit-up"... it's full-fledged all out puke - everything in his little tummy. Poor kid. Yuck.

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