Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The rest of the day...

Well, Ben kept his food down for the rest of the day, though it seems he has developed a cough. Something to keep an eye on, as usual.

He will be seeing his allergist on Thursday, and I'm excited to get some additional direction on all of the food allergies.

Today, he saw his speech therapist for the first session. She commented on how great Ben is doing. She was happy to see that he closes his lips around a spoon when he eats. In relation to some of her other patients, she remarked that Ben is really strong and has a lot going for him. I cheered with him that someone actually called him "strong". She gave us a few new things to work on now... in between the thousand things we were already working on. Overall, though, I think the speech therapy will be fun. The real goal of therapy at this point is to strengthen his throat, tongue, and mouth so that he can stop aspirating and begin to eat more food.

Speaking of food... following Ben's diet is PAINFUL for me so far. I'm trying, but really I'm only averaging two out of three meals a day that have been free of all of the "forbidden four" (wheat,eggs,soy,peanuts). I need some free time to really cook some meals ahead. Considering I've eaten peanut butter on wheat toast for breakfast most days for the past few years, it's a big change to do all at once. The brown rice crackers are not too bad... but really not too good, either!


  1. I know about odd flours for cooking. My ex-wife used to make cookies that way. One I called the wall paper paste cookies. You had to pull on your tongue off the roof of your mouth. They were with soy flour or rice flour? The other was ground glass cookies that had some kind of coarse ground grain.
    You are doing great with Ben. You aren't Wonder Woman but you are smarter than the average mom and doing much more than what I think others can do.
    I'm hopeful that stomping down the allergies will end up with Ben having more control. I thought of a walker for him or even a skate board for where he's at right now. I can show him how to pop it up and ride a rail. I wish. He is making progress and he will do it in his own time. Not to worry and I will get im his first skate board.
    I'm fighting my usual problem. It's bad enough that mid term ( 1day to 1 week ) memory is really bad. I keep telling myself this has happened before and it will come back. I am also dreading the cataract surgery. I just can't imagine not having a total anaesthesia. "Nurse, pass me the number 2 Exacto knife." This eyeball is tough and rubbery. This is all small potatoes compared to what you are dealing with. -- uh

  2. uh NOT Ho

    Can you tell I'm a blog virgin?