Monday, August 3, 2009

Allergy diet - Day 3

It's been three days for me following Ben's "allergen free" diet. I have slipped and had a couple of forbidden foods myself, but mostly I've been trying to make the right substitutions. On the first day of the diet, I attended a party where I was so proud of myself for finding foods with the right ingredients for dinner. Later, however, I was too weak to decline the homemade orange/pineapple cake - made with wheat flour and eggs, of course. I've never been a smoker, but I imagine that quitting smoking could not be worse than giving up wheat in my diet.

I've absolutely kept Ben free of the trouble foods. Tomorrow, I'm making a trip to the health food store to get the ingredients to do some of the baked sweet treats in my new cookbooks. I wonder how delicious barley flour and egg-substitute will taste...

As for Ben, he has been enjoying his fresh cooked meals, and he is doing really well. Today he looked stronger than I've ever seen him. He was actually scooting himself forward on his tummy, instead of rolling to get to his toys. The biggest news -it has been over two weeks now since he has thrown up at all!!! Way to go, Ben!

Since Ben will grow up on this diet from such an early age, I know he'll never miss these foods he's not allowed to eat. For me, though, I've had a bit of sadness thinking of some of the things he'll never know... like my mom's homemade custard pie... or her Thanksgiving dressing. I actually got a little tearful thinking that Ben could never enjoy these foods... but then it dawned on me that Sarah is allowed to eat anything she wants and she won't touch either of those things! So, instead of feeling sad, I suppose my energy is much better spent learning to cook the allergen free organic buckwheat cherry pancakes in my new cookbook. Yum.

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  1. Yummm Buckwheat Cherry Pancakes...that sounds Otay!