Friday, July 31, 2009

Diet starts today

I've spent the past week researching information about Ben's food allergies and trying to learn what to prepare and how to prepare it. He has not had any wheat, soy, eggs, or peanuts since his tests came back. Today, however, marks the first day for my one month trial to follow his diet as well.

I haven't even had breakfast yet, and already I've had to give up something... my regular coffee creamer. It contains soy. Dagnabit.

I believe that following Ben's diet is going to force me to learn to cook the recipes and become more personally aware of these food ingredients. No one likes bread more than I I know giving up my Bread Company fix will force me to find alternatives that Ben can enjoy as well.

Ben's new allergy results have been somewhat hard for me to accept. Caring for Ben was already WAY more intensive than I'd like...but the added responsibility of cooking an entirely new way has felt really daunting to me....not to mention the worry of him encountering something dangerous and having a bad reaction.

For now, I guess the best thing to do is have another cup of strong black cream, thanks.

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