Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another puzzle to piece together

So...On Friday afternoon at 5pm, Ben's pulmonologist called with his allergy test results. The doctor started out by telling me that Ben is one of the most allergic patients he has ever seen. As it turns out, Ben is dangerously allergic to peanuts, eggs, wheat, and soy. He is also highly allergic to cats, dogs, tree pollen, grasses, dust mites, and weeds. He ALSO has some sensitivity to milk, corn, sesame, and shrimp. Yep. That sounds pretty bad to me.

OK. So, I now have to carry an epi-pen everywhere I go with Ben. The doctor advised that we MUST NOT allow Ben to eat peanuts, eggs, wheat, or soy... or he may go into anaphylactic shock. Since pretty much everything in our house contains one or more of those ingredients, I'm now starting the journey to learn a new way of cooking and eating. I've ordered the allergen-free whole foods cook books. I've thrown away all the peanut products. I've stocked up on oat flour. Ready. Set. Here I go.

Over the next month, my blogging will be dedicated to my task of learning this new diet, and trying to follow it right along with Ben. In reality, eliminating processed foods and cooking with only natural and organic ingredients will make us all healthier.... but oh....I already miss my peanut butter.

I once had a chiropractor convince me that my whole life would improve if I would just give up wheat...so I did...for four days. Now, I'm going to challenge myself to follow Ben's diet plan very strictly for the whole month of August. I believe this will help me learn about the foods and really try to learn the recipes, since I'll have to eat them too. I'm going to share it all here... the ups, the downs, and the painful cravings. If Ben can do it, then so can I. At least for one month, right??

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  1. Hi, I am on your hypotonia hope group. My son is allergic to Eggs, milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, potatoes, and bananas. We have several sets of epi-pens and religiously must have them on us. Please email me christi1211@sbcglobal.net and I can give you a few great starting points and just commiserate with you!!