Thursday, October 15, 2009

A tasty tidbit.

The kiddos have been keeping me very busy lately. I've had a hard time finding even a few minutes to blog, but I'm going to try to type quickly this morning.

Ben has been amazing me in the past few weeks. He's been babbling more and more, and now officially says, "MaMa" at least a hundred times a day. His favorite activity right now is playing the piano. He thinks he has a true talent!

Our OT has given the thumbs up to start textured foods again. Ben had a clear allergic reaction to Saltine he is OFF the wheat and soy entirely again. The poor little guy has gotten very bored with his mushy diet, and has started refusing to eat a bit. We have been in search of safe and tastey tidbits for him, and came across Sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds) as a replacement for our beloved peanut butter, and Ben luh-uh-uhvs it! (And so do I) So yesterday, he had spoonful of sunbutter and some rice chex cereal for breakfast. He smiled from EAR to EAR... so glad to be eating real food again.

Other news.... the PT wants Ben to get AFO's (custom made braces for his little feet and ankles).... we're due for another MRI.... we're due for another swallow study.... we're doing all we can to avoid bringing the flu into Ben's world....

It's time for breakfast now... so I'd better go. I'm seeing two hungry children and a mommy who needs more coffee.

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